In order to ensure the safety of program participants, families, and staff we ask for parents to participate in our drop-off process. Our staff facilitates the drop-off process by getting your child in and out of the car directly in-front of the storefront. This requires parents to double park and use the hazard signals while parking inside our safety cone drop-off and pick-up section. If youth are dropped off late, we ask that the parents only walk their child to the entrance door and not entire the store front. For early pick-ups please coordinate with the staff the time of pick-up so we can arrange for a contactless pick-up where your child will safely be escorted to your vehicle.

Staff are required to record and monitor their temperature upon arrival and departure. Staff are required to wear a mask at all times while on the clock. Staff are required to monitor and record youth temperature upon the start of the program day and ensure youth sanitize their hands prior to starting each activity or experiment. 

Staff clean the facility prior to start of the day and end of the day with practices as outlined by the CDC to maintain the cleanliness and disinfect the Makerspace.

The Makerspace has an contactless thermometer, multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout, and disinfecting motion sprayer. The Makerspace has a commercial partnership for sanitizing and cleaning throughout the month.  Staff have additional face masks on hand to assist youth if they damage or lose their mask while at the Makerspace.

Continue to monitor our website for updates as they become available. We appreciate everyone working diligently to reduce the number of outbreaks. We will continue update and monitor our policy to assure the upmost standard for the safety of your families and our staff. Please see the additional resources on COVID-19 Precautions.


DC Government COVID-19

Update (06/30/20)